Harmon Kardon to Autocom

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    From all the lurking I have been doing over many forums I know that not many of you are running this set-up but I thought I would share my results. Since I already had $$$ invested in an Autocom ProAVi system before I got my Road Glide. Without spending more big $$$, I wanted to install the Autocom into the RG and figure out a way to feed the output of the HK to the Autocom. I didn't want to have 2 independant systems or to cut up the stock wiring.
    Parts required:
    Picked-up a Autocom cable #1319 that interfaces a car type stereo to the Autocom, a 4PDT "on-on" mini switch with rubber boot, speaker wire, red quick connects male & female(.250 & .187) and heatshrink tubing.

    Wire Harness: Note -have location of switch in mind for wire length
    With the 4PDT switch being the central connecting point. Center row of switch go to the output of the HK (remove connectors from front speakers, take speaker wire, crimp correct size quick connect, attach to connectors removed from speakers, add heatshrink, solder other end to connector +--+). One of the outside rows of the switch goes back to the speakers and the other outside row the Autocom cable is attached (be sure to match the +--+ L&R speaker wiring). Run other end of Autocom cable to Autocom unit.
    With everything powered on, you should have sound out of speakers and not Autocom, then change switch and you should have sound through Autocom and not speakers. I did find that I had to increase the volume on the HK some when listening through the Autocom.
    Drill 1/4 hole for switch then install switch & waterproof boot. Done.
    Cost was less than $100 and most of that was for the interface cable.