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    My HK radio has been fine for 11 months, now no stations, finally found two. HD dealer mentioned maybe antenna became disconnected because of vibration, no I have checked that. Then Dealer mentioned HK is marina radio for waterproof but not shock proof so has vibration problems in antenna area. My replacement radio has been on order for over three weeks now. Checked yesterday and dealer called HK repair and was told in one week..they get same story each time. Turns out, there are three other bikes in the shop with same problem, I just have been riding mine. My dealer has told me HD and HK are having planned sick out because Milwaukee manufacturing is closing and HD/HK contract ending this year because of antenna issues not being resolved.
    Anyone else experience this? Bike is great can't keep off it, but weather reports are great to have so I can ride.
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    Update on HK radio issue. "new" radio installed and turns out the antenna has a break in it somewhere. Shop followed HD troubleshooting procedure, radio was not the problem. Same problem with new radio so tech put external antenna on and it works. So tomorrow they will replace antenna, a three to four hour job.

    Also heard...(don't want to have nasty grams) the good people at Milwaukee HD changed unions and signed renewal contracts so HD is staying in Milwaukee. As tech mentioned to me this is a new economic time and need to go with flow, I have been unemployed for some time, at least they have jobs.

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