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    It has been a while since I have posted, but I remember a few posts from others about Harmon Kardon radio issues (a problem I shared) and finally I have an answer

    I have a 2012 triglide ultra classic (but any touring model with this radio would be the same) with software ST10 version 8.25.0

    It has been 1 year, 2 Harley dealerships and a private shop. I have had 3 radios installed, one of which was much worse than mine (still using my original radio) 4 headsets and some shop headsets to test with and nobody was able to figure out the problem. Everyone followed all of the steps Harley said to do. I was given different reasons why it would not work, but always ended with “you will just have live with it”. Recently in an act of desperation; I figured that if everyone followed what Harley said to do, then I would do the only thing left, do what they said “not” to do, by this point I considered the Advance Audio System to be truly useless to me.

    They say if you already have the latest software installed (though I believe if would actually be firmware) then do not do anything. They also say do not install this software to solve a problem. And they also say once the installation starts let it complete. Unfortunately the installation froze up and I had to terminate. I ignored every warning and now the damn thing works great. It works exactly as I would have expected a year ago before the constant aggravation.

    My issue was with the VOX, at about 3/4 open the microphone would pick up wind noise above 50 mph and I would lose the radio and have the constant wind sound transferred into the headsets. If I tried lowering the volume I could not hear my wife speak. If I tried reducing the setting the VOX (at any speed) it would only pick up every other word. Even on a recent trip. I turned off the VOX, turned off the CB and used PTT for the intercom and I have to yell over the wind when the button was pushed.

    Now I can hit speeds of 75 mph (tried so far) with the VOX setting lowered without wind activating the microphone and without dropping my voice

    If you have a problem that you have had to live with on a Harmon Kardon that Harley can’t fix, reloading the software is what worked for me
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    Its amazing how simple computer corrections can be. It surprises me that none of the Harley dealers tried what you did......:nosad
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    Good Job,
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    I would like to know if anyone knows the transistor location identification for the CB circut board to adjust the modulation. That information is out there for midland or cobra radios. I wanted the modulation adjustment so a softer womens voice would get out there .
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    The HD module is a Midland unit