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Thanks Bluesman, although there was no hole in the faceplate, you inspired me. I took a small screwdriver, went through the CD opening, and managed to get the little@*$$% to come out! :bigsmiley8::bigsmiley8:
Anyone know how to get a HK radio out of lock up mode? I put in a cd, and the whole thing locked up. Radio LED displaying properly (station, song title), but no sound, controls don't do anything. Got CD out with a little persistance. Still locked up. Pulled main fuse for 18 hours, to no avail. Any ideas? I have heard the '06 HK radios have lots of problems??

IMHO, here is the best bet for radio problems. You send them your radio, plus $135, and they send it back fixed. Will save you a ton of aggravation and frustration. Many of the HD shops use this service, but they will mark it up AND charge you for pulling and reinstalling the box. Nothing to it.

RadioSound - Customer Service

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Thanks. I was at the dealer today, and they checked. It is covered under warranty (extended), so they will pull it, give me the bike back, and send it out (to radio sound). When it comes back in they will re-install. Would make more sense to stock a spare or two, so they don't have to pull the bike down twice!. Glad I am not paying for labor. But great to know that Radio Sound will work on it directly after it is out of warranty. And the $135 price is much better than the $245 I saw at the dealers price sheet.

The dealer also mentioned that they have seen several problems with HK radios using home burnt CDs. Seems to me that is the advantage of being able to play CDs with MP3 format.
I've been having problems with mine not wanting to play CDs burnt in MP3 format. Out of about 90 songs on the disc, it would only play about 7. Yesterday, it quit playing any of them.

Anyone know of a fix, short of taking it to the dealer? It plays regular CDs, including home-burnt ones, fine.
I think the trick on burning CDs that will work on the bike is to set the CD burner to the slowest speed it has when recording. Takes longer to make the CD, but they seem to work that way.

You might try upgrading firmware in the radio (yea I know.. it is supposed to be a radio, but really it is a computer!).

I've reloaded the software twice now. It seemed to play a couple more songs than before the reload, but playing only 10 out of 90 songs is not acceptable. I've tried the discs in my car's player, and they play fine on it. I've also tried burning them at the slowest speed available, but no luck.