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Harley vs. Kingpin


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I'm about to buy my first bike since college 20 years ago.
I've narrowed it down to either the 2007 Heritage Softtail Classic, or the 2007 Victory Kingpin Deluxe Tour edition.
Both American made, both similar sized engines (though the Kingpin has much more horsepower-not sure if that's important as torque is similar)
Both look great, price difference, about 3 grand less for the Kingpin, but yea, I know, it ain't a Harley.
Any advice, tips, etc to help me jump off the fence?:confused:


$3000 difference when new = $5000 difference when the kingpin is 1 year old.
Harley's hold their value better then anything else.
As far as riding goes the kingpin runs & rides better stock, Heritage is a good bike but truthfully it looks better then it runs, it's designed to be built to suit you with the P&A big book. you know more $$$$
I have to agree with Harley2007Superglide. There is nothing like clicking through the gearbox of a Harley. They do hold value, but is that because once we buy one, we start adding on all the custom stuff????
I can't go into a dealership without dropping a "couple a hungies" on some new gizmo I just gotta have!

Anyways, get the friggin' Heritage - it's a great looking bike!