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Harley tricycle?


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I would like to know if Harley Davidson produce or will eventualy produce a tricycle or a if there is a kit to transform an Harley standard into a tricyle sold by HD?

Zam... mine as well. They've got the Lehman sticker up on their door... so they say they'll be getting more. I would consider a trike for my next bike... but I'm afraid the cost is a bit higher then I'm ready to take on (was told they start about 32K). Ouch... my aching wallet!
Yeah DK, your wallet should be aching after being so generous in the recent past........
It was all the chrome goodies everyone wanted that really hurt. Geesh!

Oh yeah tell me bout never sell mine got sooo much chrome never get close to what I've added..sooo when the time comes I can't hold er up so well ..well reckon will have mine triked out.
there is also a kit i believe called a tricycle kit (a couple ladies in my area have these )its a frame that bolts on to the swing arm with a wheel on each side almost puts you in mind of training wheels thay seem to like them pretty well except doing the sharp turns threw the narrows (199)they have to slow down a bit more in the curves sense the wheels dont have a independent on each wheel ,plus the unit can be un bolted from the bike and ran as a reagular 2wheel motor cycle .they look kinda funny from behind with there 3 wheels at the back and one in the front but what the heck these older gals are in the wind ,its cheaper then the trike conversion kits and seems to be a good made unit .now if thats what they need to hold their bikes up then its all good
i talked to the lady that owned it she said just a easy bolt on and can come right off ,i figure its like the old trike conversion bolt ons back in the late 60s and early 70s do you remember these you could cange between a bike and a trike and back, in around 3 hours i never had one but iknew a couple guys that said they had them and claim they could do the switch in 3 hours (these were probably sold by jammers back in the day along with the super vee engine)
I saw those the other day when I was researching trikes. You do think training wheels on a bike... but as you said, also easily removeable (I question that statement) and you're back to two wheels!

those tricycle kits on there site thay can be changed from a 4 wheeler to a 2 wheeler in 5 min thats quicker then what i would have figured but looking at the photo of the kit i can see how it could be