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Harley Tractor Trailer


I have a few Harley things that I have started to collect and when I did a search on ebay I came across the Harley tractor trailer bank and I just had to have it. I finally found one that was not too much money and I should be getting it any day. Here is a picture of what I bought incase you all are interested!

The picture does not seem to be working, but I have one of these and I really like it. I have to put it up out of reach when the grandkids come to play because they think that it is a toy. What other things do you have?
I have never seen one of those. Hope you can get the picture link fixed so I can see it. How big is it? Do they still make them? Do you know how much they originally cost at the store? Sorry, so many questions, but it sounds pretty cool. I think I might have to find one for my house.
You know, I went over to ebay and found a bunch of different really cool banks that Harley Davidson has made. I guess that's another thing that I'll have to start collecting. I already collect the little pewter bikes but I always have room for more collectibles LOL
Sounds like it is time to spend more money LOL. Hope you get that picture back up there I have been looking but haven't found anything resembling what you are talking about.
I would love to see the picture of that. It sounds pretty cool. I have never heard or seen that before. I like the little bikes. But I would really consider getting one of those if I ever ran across one. Hope you got it by now and are please with it.
You can see a picture by doing a general internet search, the bank is only about $35 at most of the places online that is selling it. I just ordered mine and should be receiving it in a few days.