Harley Tracks - Swan Song Ride?

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by mc2, Jun 3, 2012.

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    It's another beautiful morning here in Nha Trang.
    The news with coffee: Tiger wins the Memorial in record fashion=Go Tiger.
    Panetta visits Cam Ranh Bay, but my bike was still down and I couldn't get over there to say Hi.

    Weather forecast: Hot with 40% chance of sunshine between monsoonal rains in the region.

    Departure: Within the hour off for perhaps my Swan Song Ride across Vietnam. Heading over to the Ho Chi Minh Trail for a ride back into the most remote regions and lay new tracks on some newly significant trail in the north.

    Hope to find sunshine in Sapa this trip!

    No pending commitments this trip so look forward to a more leisurely ride.

    Will up date up the trails.