Harley runs for 15 and dies...

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    I have a 1998 Harley Sportster 1200. It's at the shop and they cannot figure out whats wrong with it. the bike starts up runs for 15 mins and it turns off and has no spark when until its cools down for about 15 mins. then starts back up and runs for a few more mins then turns back off with no spark. they have changed the ignition module and the coil and still does the same thing. they are lost... they have changed the petcock to a non-vacuum petcock because the old one was bad.

    Can someone help?
  2. mouthful

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    Is it getting fuel? Maybe a stuck float in bowl of carb?
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  3. 03HD883R

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    It sounds like it might be the Bank Angle Sensor... that would be the only other thing that would cause no spark, as it kills the engine if the bike is tipped over. It's on the side of the battery box.

    Or it could be the kill switch or the ignition switch going haywire... or better yet, there is rub thru on the wiring harness as things expand.


    9 32495-98 SENSOR, BANK ANGLE
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    Ignition module,happened to My 98 1200C!
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    [​IMG] Have a look here, often over looked Try some compressed air on the cover next time it quits just for giggles # 8 is the pick up assembly it is the trigger for your ignition