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Harley radio Problem

Jim Baxley

New Member
My battery was dead last week and I jumped my 2001 HD Electra Glide Classic with my battery charger set on 55 AMP start. The bike would not start so I then took the battery out and put a new one in. The bike starts but now my radio has a loud buzz in it and will not play. Even with the radio off the buzz is loud. I checked to see if any of the controls were stuck. They were not. I then checked the two radio fuses. Both were good. When I took either of the fuses out the buzz went away but of course the radio would not work. The antenna is installed correctly. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Did I fry my radio?
Jumping the battery with the 55 amp could have damaged your radio. Also jumping the battery with that much power can cause other problems too. The ECM needs 9 volts minimum to fire the bike up, quite possible that is why it didn't start. You had the amps push but not the volts.

In the future, always charge a dead/low battery at less than 8-10 amps for an extended time instead of fast charging/boosting it or use a battery tender to keep the battery up between rides. The electronics are very sensitive to voltage spikes and excess charging rates.
Hello Jim,

Sorry to hear about your problem, sounds like something I would do! :31:

Shouldn't the amperage blown the fuses before hurting the radio? are the grounds good? :6:

New to Harleys, just trying to help.:eam

I hope you find a cheap fix.:)
When you lose power , some radios loose their settings. Is it possible your radio defaulted to a non existing station on the AM band or CB radio.
If you have a radio with a CB or weather station , verify that the squelsh control is turned down.
Hey guys,
Thanks for the responses. One fuse is for the radio. The other is for memory. I replaced both today just in case. Still makes that noise and will not pick up anything I think sounds like music. One speaker makes more noise than the other so I am going to switch them. The buttons are not stuck as I can adust everything. It is not stuck on the weather alert either. I checked. Any other help would be appreciated. I have both speakers out right now and am going to see if I can get someone to test them.
Hello Jim two of the guys i ride with had same problem jump started bike radio was making buzzing noise in speakers one used a truck to jump off the other battery charger. They had to go to the Dealership they had to get new radio it fryed the old ones.They told them to never us a fast charge or truck but a slow charge or a Battery tender.
Hey guys,
I am almost ready to buy an aftermarket radio by Sony and want to check the ground for the radio first to make sure I did not jar it loose when I put the new battery in. Does anyone know where the ground wire is for the radio?