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Harley Profile Goggle vs Panoptx


I am searching for advice on whether I should buy the Harley Profile Goggle or a Panoptx model. I have heard the Harley goggle doesn't get very dark but I live in Washington state where we don't get much sun :). The price range for panoptx is something like $120-$250 whereas the Harley goggle is $125. I would appreciate any thoughts on the subject and welcome talk about brands other than panoptx too.

Owajee - I have looked at the Harley line of goggles/sunglasses and the only thing wrong with them that bothers me is that they don't have a good seal around my eyes being as I have a slim face. Also there are only three (I believe) that can accomodate a prescription lens. I have not tried the Panoptx since the H-D dealer does not have them on their floor. I won't buy glasses of this nature on the web unless I can see if they will fit properly. Hope this helps.
They could be $5.00 and if they work well for YOU then that's what counts. It also hursts a lot less when they either blow off your face, get stepped on, go missing, etc.

That sounds like a bucket full o cash for some eyewear. I got some Uglyfish glasses which hve a nice seal around the eyes & dont blow off... suits me.

Get what is comfy

I purchased the HD Profile goggles with the prescription transition lenses. They fit me great and seal very well at all highway speeds. I wanted to try on the Panoptx but the closest optician was in Myrtle Beach. Had to special order due to prescription but got them in 6 days from date I placed order. For prescription lenses, the HD and Panoptx were the same price.
The HD dealership where I bought my bike has them for sale. I tried a pair of them on and they didn't feel too bad. I liked them because I was looking for a pair of impact resistant lenses as well as lenses that change color with the light. I also looked up the Panoptx website and found that there is also another dealer closer to me that has them if I decide that I want to try on others. What I might suggest is look at their website and see if there is a dealer close to you and go see how they feel to you. I also realize that they cost a lot, but I feel that my eyes are worth the money.