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    Just for fun, when you have nothing to do on these cold days, check out this site. It is free to register and a really great site to search around.
    After you register, type Harley Davidson into the search box and you will see page after page of peoples ideas on Harley tools, engine mods, accessories, etc.....

    PatentStorm offers full-text U.S. patents and patent applications from the U.S. Patent Office, providing advanced search capabilities and full image retrieval in handy PDF format. Everything we offer is free.

    PatentStorm: U.S. Patents
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    Cool siste. At our HOG meeting there is always some kind of trivia and about half is something to do with patent numbers. This will give me a little edge. Thanks for the info.
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    Yes, it does look like a cool sight. I have patent numbers for some interesting Pin-Ball parts I wanted to look up. I will give it a whirl. I remember in the past to actually look up patents at the official government sight you needed very special software (similar to PDF) that was hard to find for free or was expensive to buy.
    I will give it a try..Tks
  4. are you aware harley didnt invent the soft tail frame? they sho didnt--- they bought the patent rights from a dude an paid a mint to produce the soft tail frame.......... it's really quite amazing what harley HAS'NT CAME UP WITH given the fact they've been in v twin bizness so long...............
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    Buying some one's patent or idea is a very long time manufacturing technique. Where did the Harley vee four engine go? When Harley decided not to make it an engineer went to Yamaha. The Yamaha Venture was born. How do you think all the automobile manufacturers come out with the same price range and line of cars. Fossil
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    Then there was the Tucker.