Harley leaving Milwaukee??

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Mavagrand, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Sad situation. I feel for the workers and the MOCO. Without HD the workers have nothing to fall back on, without the skilled workforce HD has a run of the mill operation. I don't think HD is bluffing and in todays market everyone at the bargining table needs to make concessions. Milwaukee should be in the mix helping to reduce HD's cost of doing business if at all possible. Hopefully something can and will be worked out before such a drastic step is taken. Many of the automakers unions recognized the need to work with the automakers to reduce cost and the automakers responded with future concessions tied to sales figures.
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    It would behoove HD to take on some traits of the auto manufacturers, such as expeditious shipping of warranty parts that cause the bike to be unridable and a little more leniency on warranty issues. That having been said, I will still only buy a Harley. I think that HD would move if forced by costs but my guess is that it is also a bargainig ploy to a better contract with the workforce.
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    Maybe through the York Pa salvage Harley has learned some strong tactical moves with local government. Hopefully a agreeable move similar will happen to save jobs and the great history of the MOCO. One move I thought was bad was some of the elimination of product line especially in the Electra Glides. Maybe some type of realignment will come out of this and the emphasis will be on building the best motorcycle in America and not concentrate so much on shirts, hats and trucks big and small. It may lead to returning to where the company was founded and the main focus. It seems Harley has done alot of corporate purging of late to try to keep bottom line.

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    Iowa would welcome that factory with open arms . We would give them tax exemptions , grants and what ever esle they wanted . Now if they decide to move to Mexico or China I would never buy another Harley , but I don't think that their management is that stupid .
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    Its a chess game.

    I don't see them ever shipping thier assembliy out of the country though. I used to work for Delphi. Harley through a fit when Delphi wanted to start building the engine controllers in Mexico, they wanted them to be American made.
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    I'm all for Florida. What a great place to build bikes. Yea Florida
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    LLC of Michigan on alot of there ads now, guess they got better tax breaks, and rumor is they will be building bikes in India LOL
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    There was talk for a while of a plant coming here to KY last year or so.

    I too would never buy another HD if they were made outside the the US.

    I guess I would be hanging on to my current model for a long time.....
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    I think it's possibly a bargaining tool however, in today's world it's getting harder and harder to compete. The union labor dollars have got to be killing them. I'm sure there are some southern states that would welcome Harley with open arms. I hate to see 107 years of history change like this though.