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  1. Asian Nightster

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    How does one start there own harley garage shop? What are the requirements from Harley do you need? I have noticed that there are only 2 dealers in town and both shops are fairly busy. If I were to start my own garage/ storage then I will most likely get the spill over from the other dealers. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you everyone:)
  2. Rewind

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    I'd say do work for your friends and if they like it they will tell others and before you know it you'll have more work than you know what to do with.


    I think Harley is very protective of where and who they let have a dealership.And They have sent cease and desist letters to independent shops that use a Harley trademarked logo on the outside of their shops.You could probably fly under the wire for a while,but if ya got to big the dealerships would take notice.Maybe you could work on the older bikes that the dealer doesn't want to deal with,or those that can,t afford the service rates at a dealer. Good luck to ya whatever you decide.
  4. Randall K. Wilson

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    Are you wanting to be an authorized Harley Davidson sales and service dealer? If you are I would think that would take some serious capital!
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    As was said you need some capital if you want to be an authorized Harley Dealer. The details are on the site. My father-in-law and I looked into it last year, I pulled up the form they have on the site and lets just say I am no longer thinking about that (2 Million in Capital Liquid Assets required)

    As for if you just want a shop for motorcycles that you can do on your own, get a building, tools, lifts and well go ahead. You can advertise that you work on Harleys, but no using the logo.
  6. oldhippie

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    Requirements: lots and lots of money, or rich relatives.

    I believe the one shop in North Winnipeg was bankrolled by the daddy who owns the trucking company next door because at that time there was only the one HD dealer in Winnipeg and their kids wanted to buy a Harley. I bought my Ultra there and was not that satisfied with their salesman.

    Start doing work for friends and others out of your garage and build your reputation for quality work or if you win the lottery move to Brandon and bankroll a HD dealership there.
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    While I have no information to share about how to become a HD dealer, I can say that independent shops can do OK for themselves, if, they do a good job (you only get one chance in this department), and you keep your expenses at a minimum. Where a lot of guys go wrong, is in the initial capital outlay. Once you put that cash upfront, you have to constantly have work just to make your mortgage payments.

    There is a guy near me, who works out of his garage. Only does one or two bikes at a time. While he is qualified enough to do engine rebuilds, the majority of his work is tires, oil changes, tune ups, and other repairs. He works on a cash only basis, and my friend who introduced me to this guy, told me he's doing about $75k a year. There are always people bringing their machines to him. He is very knowledgable, and reasonably priced. You can expect to wait up to two weeks for an appointment.

    It can be done, you just need to start small, do a great job, and keep the expenses down....
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    You are right daddy has a big fat wallet along with his ego. The staff at LS Harley are not to happy to be working there. They have let go of the Master Mechanic and from my understanding a Harley Service /Dealer requires a Master Mechanic. Let's just say I am not going to be going back to LS Harley. This is why I have thought of starting my own business.:20:
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    I have been on both sides of the counter. Any customers you get will whine and howel about every thing you do for them. Some are good people and accept a good job and will return but there are some that think you owe them some thing. Any Harley dealer can tell you that when they sell a bike most expect the dealer to kill their butts from now on. To give them discounts and be grateful they bought a bike from them. Car dealers don't get this attitude. You make the deal with the salesman and drive away with the vehicle you wanted with the options you like. The only time they see you again is for warranty checks, etc. No demands for discounts. So if you want to own a business you need to consider if you can take this all week long. Fossil