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Harley Emission Warrantee


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Vehicle is designed and built so as to conform at the time of sale with applicable regulations of the U.S. Federal Environmental Protection Agency at the time of manufacture and that it is free from defects in materials and workmanship which cause his/her motorcycle not to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Standards within 5 years or 18,641 miles (or 30,000 kilometers) whichever occurs first.

Vehicles under 5 year – 18,641 Miles (30,000 KM) with 49 States Original Equipment Components:
1. Air cleaner and back plate
2. Air cleaner filter (only if due to malfunction of related system that affected the performance of this part)
3. Ignition system – coil, sensor, module, spark plugs (“out of the box”), plug wires
4. Carburetor
5. Intake manifold and seals
6. Fuel injection systems:

Vehicles under 5 year – 18,641 Miles (30,000 KM) with
California Original Equipment Components:
– Cam position sensor
– Induction Module
– Cylinder head temperature sensor

– Electronic Control Module (ECM)
– Barometric sensor
– Idle Speed Control Actuator (ISC)

– Crank position sensor
– Engine coolant temperature sensor

– Engine temperature sensor
– Oxygen sensor

– Throttle position sensor

– Fuel Injectors
– Intake air temperature sensor
– Voes switch
– Wiring harness of EFI module
– Idle Air Controller (IAC)
– Fuel module
– Check valve
– Fuel pump (for leaks and/or high and low pressure failures)