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I have never been to that particular dealership, but you are right that they are quite a site. The first time that I went to my local one I was shocked at how big it was. Back in my day there was no such thing as these types of m***ive dealerships.
I actually have been to this dealership. My wife and I took a week long ride from Ohio to Pennsylvania, to Delaware, to Maryland, and then Back to Pa and into Ohio. It was a great ride. The dealerships that we visited in each state and in some of them we p***ed more than one and stopped at them all just to see them. This one in particular though blew us away and the resturant that they have there serves some great food.
How about Destination Daytona. It's behemoth! It dwarves any dealership I've seen.

Of course I think the showroom is a waste of space, but I hear they have plans to include loads more brands of bikes (American V-Twins) not just Harleys.
I have been to a few in my travels and they are some really interesting places. I can not belive how many bikes most of these dealerships keep in stock. I also could not belive the labor rate that the mechanics get. Makes me wish I would have went to school for that instead of being a RN.
I have also been to a few other than my local ones and they are really nice places to go to. I would love to own one of these dealerships, I can not imagine what their revune must be for just one year.
That has to be one of the best types of stores to own. I have been to quite a few of them and each one is unique. The amount of bikes they stock blows my mind. It is like walking into Harley Heaven!
I have been to a dealer out in California and it was awesome. There are palm trees lining the walkway and like 30 feet high ceilings. They had every Harley item that you could possibly imagine.
I have been to some really nice dealerships. That one in Delaware looks and sounds really cool. If I am ever in the area I will make sure to visit it. Where ever I go I always check out any local dealerships. They are all different and unique.
I have been past the one in Delaware and wow is it ever huge. We have a smaller dealership a few miles from here in Burlington, NJ. They do a lot with charities and the local community so I think we will probably buy from there, as we are still in the let's figure this all out stage of things.