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    I'm not sure where to put this, but since I pull my trailer with my Touring Bike, I thought I would place it here. I recently bought a Cycle Mate Trailer from a guy in Iowa. They need a registration on their trailers, like this one. In WI we don't. So, I removed the license plate from it. I bought a nice Harley Davidson decal to place on the rear of the trailer. However, the license plate frame required four holes to be drilled into the back of the trailer to hold it in place. So, I'm kind of stuck with the frame. It is chrome and looks great, so I am now looking for a Harley Davidson license plate to go inside the frame. This isn't the large 6" x 12" plate like cars have. It is the small motorcycle license plate frame like bikes have. Does anyone know of a company that makes a plate like this? I can find the larger ones but none that are small.
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    Might get yourself a sheet of aluminum, cut that to size and stick a HD decal/sticker on it to make your own!

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    Interesting question. I just did a quick search and turned up very little (ebay has a few (motorcycle size plates). You could make an insert for the holder and paint and put a decal on it. Or find some saying or design you really like and take it to a local print shop. Many print shops can now cut out just about anything you can see on the 'puter.
    If it was me, I'd put "WI,NO TAG REQUIRED" when I went out of state, just to prevent a random stop.
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    Agree w/the "self-made" option...go to a hardware/home store & ge small plate, cut to size, get graphic/vinyl design & voilla...instant personal license. My brother-in-law does things like this all the time in his sign/graphic shop (DC Signs in Montevideo, MN). Here's his site: DC Signs Inc.