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Harley-Davidson FXDBI Street Bob in action!

Good VIdeo I will keep this one to remind me how much I miss my bike during the long cold canadian winter.
You guys better get on the correct side of the roads over there. I keep telling T wrecks that to, he's going to get hurt driving on the wrong side :D
Hobbit, from what I hear, being in France is just a plain pain anyhow. But Glider's right... I mean... there's the whole "rebel" image of HD... but riding on the wrong side of the road like that... just plain dangerous! :s:s

What I'd like to know is this... how short ARE the days over there anyhow... one minute it's dark, the next light... I think I saw a full week of riding in less then 3 minutes!
Yup, nice vid. I was also wondering about the "which side of the road" situation, til I saw the tag. Tracy