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Harley Davidson F-150 Pickup

Do anyone have one of those special edition Harley Davidson Ford F-150 trucks? I have been looking at one lately. How great would that be, I already have an HD bike, HD trailer, and then to have an HD truck. I am really considering it. Anybody have one? Did you like it?
I think it is a great truck, it runs beautifully and it has every feature you could possibly imagine. I especially like the leg room in the front and the back. You might as well go for it and complete your collection.
Thanks harleymaniac. I have never known anyone that has one, so I couldn't ask them how happy they were with it. I just thought it would be great to have one. It would match my black HD trailer. And I am a very proud HD rider, so why not show it in my truck.
I say go for it girl! I have never had one, but they look so really nice and sharp. If you can swing it why not. That whole set I bet would look even better going down the road.
They look so awesome. i say go for it! You will look fantastic with everything in a HD theme! I hear they are loaded and really run well too. Let us know if you get it, or test drive one!
I have one too and I gotta agree with everyone else. Go for it, I guarantee you will not regret it. They run fantastic and it will look awesome with the rest of your collection.
I have only seen pictures, but I would love to have one. Awesome ride! Did you decide yet about getting one. I am going to venture over to the website and look at them for a bit, I really think it would be so cool to have this!
I am going for a test drive today!!! I am so excited about it. I will make sure to let you all know how it goes. I am pretty much ready to buy it already. I probably won't want to get out of it when the test drive it over.
That's a new one on me, how much do they cost? I haven't ever heard of it so haven't seen one either, sorry. Hope you can get yourself one!
The MSRP price for the truck is $36,300. Some of the features include 22 inch polished aluminum wheels, black leather trim captain chairs with HD logo, and a chrome grille.