Harley Davidson Article In W.S.J.

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  1. Steve Di.

    Steve Di. Active Member

    Have any of you guys seen yesterday's article in the Wall Street Journal?

    It was an interesting article. It seems the bulk of Harley's problems are due to consumer financing. With the down-turn in the economy, there was a resulting spike in repossessions. This caused a drop in the resale value of used bikes, but has created a great buying opportunity. The article mentioned the finance companies are looking to liquidate the bikes in an attempt to protect their portfolios. The article did not give any information regarding the when and where of the repo sales.

    Harley's Skid Spills Uneasy Riders - WSJ.com
  2. Jim B.

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    Haven't read it yet, but I'll head over there when I'm done here. I know that one of my local dealers (Santa Barbara Harley Davidson) has recently brought in about 100 used bikes and is having a big parking lot sale to move them.
  3. martin14

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    I read it, looks like a lot of guys got caught in the credit crunch.

    But the question is, is it any better in the US now as opposed to 6-8 months ago ?

    With Chrysler going Chapter 11, not sure about GM....

    Whats the rest of the economy looking like ?