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    Sportster 2014. I know Harley has a clunk when going from neutral to 1 st. The tech even agreed that my bike is loud. When I was two days from my expiration of my 2 years warranty the service writer said, "We can go into the transmission, but if they do not find any defective part, then the bill is on me. Reason, Harley will not pay if no defective part found. Before this discussion, I had the bike into another Harley dealer and they replaced the defective shift shaft. This is when the noise got louder. Both dealers says it shifts great and other then the loud clunk, they are right. I cannot see taking it back and trying to throw money at the problem. Maybe, this is a Harley thing and I have got to live with it or buy another bike. So, I have gone to other motorcycle dealers and tried shifting other Sportsters. I still win the loudest contest. No more warranty-Decision Time.
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    You screen name says it all. If you wanted no character then you need to ride a different brand of bike. Have you tried a different type / specific transmission oil? And is clutch adjusted properly?
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    The clunk when selecting first from neutral can often be reduced considerably or even eradicated by holding in the clutch for 10 sec prior to selecting first this allows the spinning clutch to throw off excess oil and fully disengage the plates from each other as the oil is an integral part of the clamping system of the clutch by creating a suction point around each friction pad
    Oil that is too thick or cold oil can prevent the clutch from fully disengaging selecting a gear will then join the engine output power to the gearbox and through to the rear wheel and jolt the clutch plates free from each other and a loud clunk comes from the gearbox just as the power gets through to it

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    Adjust your clutch cold, What are you running in your primary?
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    As Jack says, adjust the clutch cold, it may help alleviate the clunk.
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    And are you pulling clutch lever all the way to bar?????