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harley ban in uk?


as a british harley rider i have had a shock at reading in the motorcycle press that under european changes in law we need to get motoring casualties down to zero.
no1: motorcycles need to be banned from roads if this is to be done.
no2: motorcycles should be 600cc or less in size and any motorcycle larger in size should be banned.
this is a problem for me and all my friends, as we only ride harleys. i personally only ride harleys,harleys are what i ride. has anyone else out there got any info on this?
very sad and still got wet weather HOOTER:bigsmiley19::bigsmiley29::bigsmiley5:
hobbit thats not right for them to ban them bikes where you guys are at .but it seems to me that its not getting taken to seriously other wise would harley be making that new sportster model (the one that is being built to resemble the XR-750 )in the eu-market .we go threw the same kinda burocratic head aches here in the states .keep the big bikes rollin .just my opionion .later roaddawg4life
I personally can not see them doing it. Politicians think of one thing only. And thats to get your money. I think they will first:
A: make it illegal to have an accident.
B :Then comes the speed restrictor ( a little gadged to make you slow down when
you're in a bend in the road) see A
C: Ban motorbikes from using the roads between sunup and sundown see A
D: Multiply the road tax by a factor of 6 ( or more if they can still afford it)
E: Ban the use of SORN. (a declaration of non use so you don't pay in the winter)
F: All gouvernment officials are given a bike for private use. (funded by the tax payer)
And finally G: Ban all but gouvernment officials (and retired) from using a bike.
The day I met the Mrs. she said she likes something big and powerful between her legs,, so naturally I'm thinking great she loves Harley,,,,,,,, so this cc limiting thing just cannot be allowed to occure over here mate.