Hard to start when engine hot

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    Hi friends,

    I have a 2007 Lowrider that I have owned since new with an embarassing 7500 miles on the odometer. My problem is this, when the engine is cold it starts up fine. BUT if I'm out riding for a while and make a quick stop for gas its hard to restart almost sounding like the battery is going. (Battery was replaced fall 2012). If the bike sits for a while like when I'm at work it starts fine. Any helpful advice? Thank you!

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    Also check the oil breather tubes, my 09 street glide had the same issue. The tubes were pinched off. Why this cause the problem is beyond me but I moved them and problem was solved.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    These bikes 07 Thru 09 and some beyond, Have the old style Spring compensator.

    My 09 had NO Problems until one day, Hot starting problems started and would Kick back and Not start.. Really hard on the whole starting system,,,,clutch ring gear, starter engagement clutch gear and the Starter it's self...

    I had Better than the "average mileage one" having this problem... At about 47,000 miles on my 09 King, then it started to Not want to start when Hot, Kicking back and grinding was there... Sitting for about 20 minutes, it would start just fine. BUT who wants to wait 20 minutes?

    I ordered a new Comp. REQUESTING the Original Please....... replacement came as the SE comp "A", as HD Does Not sell the original comp. any longer....
    Saying "it is superseded with the SE comp "A"..."

    THEY know there should have been a recall on that Original compensator, but $$$$...

    I guess Under Warranty they would replace it with the SE model.....

    They have changed out to the SE comp style on the newer bikes as many BESIDES you and me were having that starting problem.

    I have friends with Stock LOW MILE Bikes,(original style compensators in),,, not having any problems YET...

    Just like the Original I had in my bike...No problems YET but I SAY, it is COMING.... Give it a few more miles....:(

    This MIGHT also be your problem.???

    IT will Happen one day.:bigsmiley25:

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    The compensator went out on my '08 egc at 25000 miles, it was a bad compensator and they up graded it to the se.Well 35000 miles later, it goes out again. This time I changed it myself and found that they did not upgrade, it was the same, smaller, compensator. The se I installed was was way heavier and more solidly made with very little movement. It made such a big difference that I decided not to trade my ride in for a new one, even tho it has over 60000 miles on it. It almost like I got on a new or different bike. I was amazed at the difference. Of course the dealer was upset, he missed a sale.
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    Sounds like weak battery to me. Have it load tested and if cranking capacity is 75% or less replace it. An '07 with 7500 miles is an indicator that the bike sits idle a fair amount of time between rides?? If that is the case and the battery is not on a tender, they will fade fast.