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Hard shift into first


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My 99 roadking I ride every day to work is now shifting hard into 1st it was fine when I got home from work the other day and the next time I started it to go to work it hardley wouldn't shift into first. If it is all warmed up it seems to shift into 1st better but still not quite right, I adjusted the clutch up but still very hard when cold, any suggestions to help cure this problem? Thanks in advance for any insight to curing this problem.
Usually your problem will be taken care of with a good clutch adjustment. Could be a clutch cable stretching or getting ready to go. What lubes are you running in the primary and trans and weights.
Stock harley trans lube and and I adjusted the cable that I just replaced about 2 months ago it needed adjustment but still didn't cure the problem.

I just bought the wife a 79 sporty and drove it to work to see what all needed to be fixed before she rides it now wife is saying my roadking is just jealous and pissed at me for leaving it home. :)-)
Try adjusting the clutch itself. Adjusting the cable is only a free play (cable lash) adjustment.
I just watched the videos you posted a link to on the self help section I thought I had to pull the whole primary side cover but boy was I wrong. The self help section is priceless my hats off to you Glider great info there and a whole lot easier than I expected as soon as it gets light out I'm at it thanks again!! All hail Glider he's worth the price of admission thats for sure!!!:s
Glad to be of help. Now if we could just get others to look in that section, we would be OK then.
Ok I adjusted the clutch as per video and still have the same problem where to check next? New clutch pack?
Check the level of the primary fluid. It should only be up to the bottom of the clutch basket with the bike upright and level. Over full here will cause hard shifting. Also only adjust the clutch when it is cold from not running.

Check the primary chain tension also and adjust as needed.
Primary fluid is right and it was cold never even started it up before adjusting it, it had set all night before I did the adjustment and it was down in the low 40's that night so it was plenty cold. I will check the primary chain this afternoon if I get home from work in time but I don't hear any slapping in there i will let you know.