Happy Father's Day

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by SteveB, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. SteveB

    SteveB Member

    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY !!!To all the Dad's!!!:ap
  2. gunnut

    gunnut Junior Member

    Thanks dude,My day was terrific,did the Mega Ride,chilled with my buddies,scoped some awesome custom jobs and watched the inshore powerboat race for a bit.Got home in time to get my cards and a present from my grandkids before they went home.Now I'm kicking back and enjoying a couple beers before my daddys day present from the misses.Its an all smiles day today!!!
  3. Sharky1948

    Sharky1948 Junior Member

    Thanks! And same to all the dads out there.

    My son came over and helped me clean up my bike after a messy, raining return ride from the Antique Motorcycle Show in Rhinebeck, NY yesterday. Lots of amazing bikes at the show. Many rustored bikes and some restrored. I saw a 1949 Indian Chief, fully restored, which reminded my of my 1949 Indian Scout that I gave away when I got drafter in 1969. I wonder what ever became of it! Sure do wish I had half an ounce of brains then! (Also, when I passed up buying a running MG TD because I couldn't afford the $450 asking price!)
  4. TexasJohn

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    Hey Thanks! Happy Dad's day to all out there! I didn't do to much myself but did get out on the bike for a 100.. don't get much better than that!