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Handy Finish Removers


BOT Machine
I found these two products that remove powder coat and also anodized finishes. Two finishes that are used on the harleys.

These are hard to remove finishes unless professionally done.

Hope you find them useful.


Anodized finish remover.
EW Anodize Remover 16 oz Trigger style Spray

A safer way to strip anodizing from those valuable aluminum trim parts before buffing. This water based solution removes anodize coatings in as quickly as 20 minutes. Pre-diluted 16 oz pump spray bottle. Also an effective aluminum cleaner.


Powder coat finish remover..
Eastwood Powder Coat Paint Dissolver Quart

Here's an environmentally friendly coating remover that really works fast by dissolving the coating-not stripping. It's actually faster than any other remover we've used! Works as long as surface remains wet. Just immerse parts to be treated in the Dissolver and remove a few minutes later when coating changes color then rinse residue off with cold running water. Larger parts can be treated by recirculating product in a plastic kiddie pool with a small solvent resistant pump & vinyl hose to assure complete coverage. Dissolver is re-usable. Made in USA.