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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 90FXRS, Nov 28, 2019.

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    The stock 2013 FLHX bars are too low for my liking, I'm 6'2". Having a tough time deciding if I want 10" or 12". Any suggestions? I'm looking to sit on a few that I know have been changed to see how they feel. One question is how high can I go before I need to address wire length? Brake line and clutch cable are not an issue to change but the wiring length has my concerned.
  2. dolt

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    Can't answer the "how high" question as it will depend on bars but check the rise in the stock bars and if the rise in the new bars is, say 4" higher, plan on at least a 4" extension kit; maybe even 6" to be safe. It will also make a difference if planning to route the wires internal as opposed to external. In any event, NAMZ offers wire extension kits in various lengths; wires come color coded with connectors/terminals attached; a piece of cake.

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    There's definitely a difference between sittin on a bike and ridin it,you know feet on the pegs.Your whole position changes.
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    I was looking to switch out my stock bars for "ape hangers". 14" would make my arms about even at the shoulders. I was told at the dealer I would need all new wiring and cables. I've read somewhere you can add 2" without issue, anything more you need to get longer wires and cables.
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    It would help to know what make and model you are working on. If going from stock to 14" apes on any HD model, I would tend to agree with the dealer tech on this one. Best bet is to call a vendor, like Hill Country Customs that does nothing but bars and they can tell you what you will need.

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