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    1st let me apoligize for this being so long winded.

    specs: 1995 HD springer softail badboy, basicly stock, w/ vance & hines pipes, and carlinni T bars

    symptoms: high frequincey vibration on decelleration, can also produce symtoms at rest in neutral by holding @ 1500-2000 rpm

    backstory: a friend brought me the bike to rebuild the front end due to a bit of squeeking and age. Totally rebuilt the whole front end with all new parts and followed all instructions in the manual EXACTLY. new parts included rocker bushing set, complete spring set and neck bearings and races. when I got the front wheel out and finished replaceing the rocker bushings, I noticed that the front end stayed in the center position, and felt like there was an actual "detent" much like the detent you feel as you put the bike in neutral between first and second gear. having never heard of or seen this situation before the decision was made to replace the neck bearings, races and springset as well, "just in case" we were already thatdeep into it , so why not, right.

    End result: no more squeeking, nice tight front end, smooth operation, Except!...... there is now a high frequency vibration upon decelleration, which can also be reproduced as mentioned earlier. The vibe is not violent and does not seem to effect the handling of the bike , but is a bit unsettleing, and worst of all it WAS NOT there before the rebuild. I have taken this thing apart three times now double checking my work against the service manual specs, fall away test and e very other thing I can think of.... anyone else ever seen or heard of this??????
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    A high frequency vibration can be the result of a lot of things including exhaust systems or parts that aren't properly installed and/or torqued. Go over the front end again to be assured you didn't overlook something. Also check out the mount bolts being a rigid mount.
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    decel vibration is often in the rear of the bike. Maybe your swing arm bushings need replacing. Jack it up and see if you can get any movement out of it
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    OK, tomorrow I am gonna totally disassemble the entire front end 1 more time, after that...... friend or no, I think I trade in high frequency vibration for high explosives.......... just sayin.....
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    The '95 softail is a hard mount noncounterbalanced motor. There is vibration from this setup that you will not feel with a rubber mount or counterbalanced setup. If your friend has owned this bike since new he may not remember what it felt like when new. As it wore the vibration may have been hidden in the "slop" of the worn out parts. I have ridden my '94 Heritage since new and when I replace bearings, bushings and related suspension parts I feel the vibes it had when I first started riding it.
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    Check the motor mounts and tranny mount too, also check the pulleys, seems to me there were some issues with them shearing