Handlebar damper kit for 04 and up Sportster

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    I see in my new JP on pg 788 they show Damper kits for Sportsters from 73 - 09. I know that starting in 04 and up the handlebar risers are solid mounted to the upper tree. So how would a damper kit go in the top tree when they are solid mounts? I called up JP customer service today, a guy named Mark, said he didn't know for sure about the 04 and up, but he would look in to it for me, he just sent me this e-mail.

    Quote. Sir,

    I'm looking at the bushing set - p#500-314 -and it does not come with a nut. The set will fit, with a nut that will a 1/2 - 13 coarse thread. An alterantive to this is to go with p#5000021. These bushings are polyurethane and you can use your stock riser bolts. The difference between the two bushing sets are first set will have a little extra play and the latter will be a bit more stiff. Thank you... un-Quote.

    So has any of you ever put a damper kit on a 04 and up and if you have, how dose it fit in to the 1/2" hole in the upper tree?... Thanks.

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    The 2004 Sportster was the first year the model had rubber engine mounts added. I have a one piece riser and handlebar solidly mounted and have no problems with vibration. One of the main reasons why I purchased this model year, was the low vibration, as well as the dual disc brakes and low maintenance cast wheels. I did put on a 2005 4.5 gal tank and had to change the seat to accomodate.

    Are you having a problem with vibration or front end shake that you believe this damper would fix? :57: