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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 6shootr, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. 6shootr

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    Looking to add some new comfort to a 03 FLHRI Road King before I get it out on the road this year.

    For her: I'm trying to find a new touring seat that will be better for the girlfriend. The stocker is OK for her on a day ride but anything over two hours straight on the bike and it's not pleasant. I'd like to get something that is low profile but is also comfortable for her. I Don't really have a preference between one piece or solo + passenger pad. Suggestions?

    For me: I'm looking to add new bars. Stockers were terrible at first but now are OK but want something different. Read a lot of post lately about Heritage bars on Kings and I'm thinking about HD 56569-09 bars. My question is will the stock wiring and cables work with this setup. All I've read about is these bars on newer FK's. I'm 6' and 200#. I know there are better bars out there but I'm also adding a cam plate upgrade with SE 204's so I'd like to keep the bar upgrade cost down right now.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. revok1200

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    Cant really help with the seat, I ride solo, much quieter that way:D

    I am on a RG 06', and last year I put a set of Santee Bars on mine
    500-974, Black, 12" mini apes, $38.99.

    Did not have to change anything, all stock wiring and cables were able to be re-routed and work just fine, Clutch cable probably could be a little longer but have had no trouble.

    I am around 6' and 215lbs, long arms... and I find this to be comfortable riding even at long distance...8-9hrs.

    This may help, then again it might not?:bigsmiley30:

  3. 6shootr

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    Thanks for the reply. Wonder if the routing and stock lengths would be the same for the Glide and a King?
  4. Redfish-Joe

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    Stock cables will work with the Heritage bars on the Road King and Road Glide.

    As far as a seat I have a Sundowner that works well for me and my wife. We have put many comfortable miles on that seat over two bikes.
  5. dmz1965

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    Sundowner is the way to go if you are replacing a seat, I had one on a Dyna Lowrider and both the wife and I loved it. If you want to keep the original seat or want to save some coin you can contact Mean City Cycles Mean City Cycles - Custom Seat Modifications and they can modify your current seat. Had the seat on a new EG Limited and the seat on (now) the wife's Dyna modified for less than the cost of a new seat.
  6. Bodeen

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    Redfish-Joe has you covered on the bars. My '03 had the stock bars that were horrible. Put the Heritage bars on myself with no cable changes.
    The wife hated the stock seat as well. IMO a low profile seat does not necessarily equal a comfortable seat. I ended up with a wide mustang two-up and never looked back for two-up. I ride with a Corbin solo when riding alone on short trips.

    HOLY DIVER Junior Member

    don't you have to bend the brake line just a bit to get it to work?
  8. HawkPilot

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    I have a Sundowner seat on my 04 RK. My wife is happy and I'm comfortable with it. As for the bars, I just added 4.5" pullback risers to my stock bars. It puts me in a more upright position, a lot more comfortable on the long rides. All the cables and wires were long enough, but the brake line was pretty close. After a little tweaking, it worked out OK. Harley sells a Street Slammer handlebar riser cover that allows you to add risers to a RK.