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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by dangerdan, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. dangerdan

    dangerdan Junior Member

    Handle bars appear to be loose. With little effort I can wiggle the hand grips back and forth about an inch.

    Manual says to remove the inner fairing to get at the handle bar clamp screws.
    Wow, thats quite labour intensive.

    Can this job be done by only removing the front fairing.

    I'm off to work now and will check later tonight.

    Thanks to all who responded.
  2. martin14

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    Dan, cant help with the fairing bit, but your bars are smooth where they hit the clamps,
    scuff them up with a little snadpaper will help the clamps grip.

    If you have ridges there anyway, please disregard my entire post :)
  3. dangerdan

    dangerdan Junior Member

    Thanks Martin

    I'll start on this tomorrow and see how far I get
  4. dangerdan

    dangerdan Junior Member

    I took my time and got it all apart.

    It turns out the handle bar clamps are tight.
    Each handle bar clamp sits on top of a 1 inch spacer and its this assemby that is loose.

    I check the manual and the bike for a bolt to tighten and came up blank.

    Do I have to remove the handle bar clamps to get to this bolt ??

    Here is a picture.. the red arrows indicate what is loose. How do I tighten

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  5. glider

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    The riser bolts come up from under the top tree. All you have to do is get access to that area. You may find that you could use new bushings in there where the bolts go through, after many years they sometimes do deteriorate. Urethane bushings will firm it up but some don't like the stiffness they will give you.
  6. Bud White

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    all you should ahve to do is turn handle bars all the way to one side to get to screws i just replaced the risers on my road king ...as said you might need bushings also
  7. dangerdan

    dangerdan Junior Member

    Thanks Glider and Bud , I'll have a look and see

    Just finished putting the bike on the lift.

    I moved the handle bar left and right, and there they were underneath.

    I'm off to the dealer for new parts.

    Thanks Bud for the steeing tip. I never would have thought of doing that.


    Just finished putting the bike together for the second time today.
    Everything works. :)

    Interesting job.
    I now know where the TSM is located.
    Found the fuse block.
    Cleaned a rusty ground.
    Rerouted wires and tie wrapped them.
    Finally located the grease nipple.
    Pledged everything...just kidding

    The only thing I forgot was the bottom bezel for the radio. I had to take the fairing off a second time and remove the radio. :bigsmiley22:

    Its Miller time I am beat

    Thanks all
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    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Dangerdan...glad you got it all sorted out, and yes doing it yourself though satisfying and tiring does mean we have to sometimes do things a couple of times before calling it a day. And you got to do some added maintenance items as well...no harm to foul...just all good!:cheers
  9. donreynolds

    donreynolds New Member

    I just bought a 09 cross bones with springer front-end. I had the same issue (some play in the risers below the handle bar clamps) and found your post. I checked with dealer/service guys and they told me this is designed this way for the springer type front ends to reduce some of the vibration. Thought this was interesting and I hope they are not pulling our legs.

  10. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    All the factory bikes have rubber mounted risers that have some play in them so the bars will move a bit. That's the first I have heard of that about the springers having more play.

    Check the riser bolts under the top triple tree and make sure they are tight.