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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Jcannon, Jul 28, 2008.

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    I just had a 41/2 " riser put on my handlebars in june. i have the stock bars for a 2005 883L. they work pretty good now. i couldn't reach them at all without being in an almost crotch rocket position. it brought up and back to clear the tank. i think they had to put an extender or something like that for the brake cable but nothing else got at the door for around $150. or so.
    good luck.
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    I spoke with my dealer last night about adding 3-4 inch risers with a 1-inch pull-back or new bars to get them back closer to me as the stock bars are uncomfortable. I knew I would have to change the front brake line but wasn't sure about the clutch or throttle cables. The dealer claims I'll have to change all cables and add length to the wiring. I thought the risers would be the less expensive option but now I'm not sure. Guess I'll remove the stock bars, amd have someone hold them in the position the risers would put them in and see for myself what else I have to change. I just need the bars 2-3 inches higher and maybe 1-2 inches closer to the seat so my arms are not so stretched out. It looks like the Harley tax is going to take another bike out of my plastic.