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Handle bar mounts hidden in fairing


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I will ask this question with more information included.
1994 HD Electra Glide with loose handle bars, the mounts
are behind the riders side fairing, radio is mounted in the
fairing directly over the area where the mounts are.
Which parts do I have to remove to get at the mounts?
Is there a particular order in which parts are to be removed
so I can tighten the handle bars?

Thanks for all the help.

Would it be possible to post a head on pic of the riser area and not too close either, say from the tank mid section to the front of the windshield? There are so many configurations on the different bikes that only someone who has this particular bike would know which one you have.

Have you checked your other post on this subject?:34:

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You could also edit or add to the other post.

I did check my other posts, the only one that sounded close was the one on removing the gauge cluster to get at the mounts.
I think that if I remove my radio I will be able to get at them, I just don't
know how to go about removing my radio.

Any suggestions?