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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Tom C, Jul 6, 2010.

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    Purchased a set of luggage (day bag ang the larger bag. Both bags slip over the back rest and the rear bag rests on the rear 5 bar luggage rack. My question is that the rear rack is only rated for ten lbs. Does anyone know why so light? Seems the luggage rack is rather sturdy. Also if the large bag rests on the rear seat it is rated for 25 lbs. Anyone with any experience? Thanks Tom C.
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    Don't know why it is rated at only ten lbs.
    i myself have had both of the bags stuufed with a third bungied to them with no problems. An advantage of turning around and using the seat is that the bag can act as a backrest.

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    Welcome Tom C to the HDTimeline forum and your first post. Most bags are rated at "less than the least", as in this case, the luggage rack is the worst case, as it is relatively high perch, way past the distant bike's center of mass. Most manuafactures like to keep well within the worst case of bike it will be fitted to. In your case, having 15 lbs attached to a tall sissy means that is a lot of weight up high, but if the rack easily exceeds this then you have no worries.

    Bag manufacturer probably looked at the lowest rating (since they do not know what the worst case is). Remember also people will just toss things into their bag and not even think what loose of high weight does to the handling of the bike.
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    The 10 lb. max. weight sticker is to protect from lawsuits from the HD riding parents of the boy on the scooter in the picture. A load like that MIGHT affect handling.

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    Welcome to the forum. I have used the same two bags that you have many times, and have put 35 pounds on the large bag on the rear seat with no problem. The luggage rack will hold more than 10 pounds for sure. The only problem I had was when the large bag was not full, it wanted to wander around in the wind, and affected my balance. I ended up using a cargo net bungee to collapse the top down when it was not full. I finally broke down and got saddlebags. Ride safe.:rider