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  1. Jack Klarich

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    I just realized since the EL Knucleheads the TC has almost doubled in size 61 inches to Jims 120 pretty amazing:s
  2. dolt

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    S&S now has a 143" motor; insane power in an 800 pound motorcycle. Very judicious throttle application is required to avoid smoking the tire in the first three gears.

    Two more years and the 120 will be the standard motor in the touring models; too bad they will also be "wet heads".

    The new drop in 4" cylinder to increase the 96"/103" displacement to 110", or to increase the 88" displacement to 100" is a new development. If the MoCo also changes the liner to the 4.060" piston, the 110" becomes 113". Looks like the MoCo is getting serious about offering the opportunity for modifying current OEM motors to more displacement without case boring.:s