H-D And Accessory Fitment

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    I decided I wanted the chrome collar that wraps completely around the stock tail light lens. Neither local dealer had one so I had one order it. Funny part is H-D says specifically that it won't fit a Heritage Classic (FLSTC). I figured it might be about clearing the turn signal bar. No, it fits just fine. This is the umteenth time I've run into the MoCo saying that some goodie won't fit when it fit's perfectly. Don't they know thier own stuff?
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    Is the cutout for the taglight (clear) in the correct place? Some HD's mount the tag above the light, some below, and the cutout in the chrome piece may be the difference.
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  3. SoonerSoftail

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    Yep. They make two, one with the cutout in the top and one thats solid. I got the one with the cutout. Also, it lists a Fatboy as fitting and they're pretty much the same thing except for the lightbar.
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    Another rone of those HD mysterys

    You need to find a good parts guy that can help you. Some can tell which parts will fit different models without holding it up and shrugging their sholders