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Guys with beards on harleys


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My beard now is about 10 inches long.
Here's my problem.
Everytime I go for a spin, my beard blows up in my face .
Shaving and a net is not an option.

Any ideas on keeping it down , not up.:bigsmiley31:

Remembers guys I am talking about facial hair.
Spray starch perhaps or maybe a woman to set behind and reach around to hold it down.

The beard that is. Aside from that I haven't a clue.
I keep mine shorter since it turned white because I hate hearing (look mom it's santa) :D but in my younger days I used to braid it when I rode. Keeps it out of your eyes.
I knew I 'd be setting myself up with this post. :bigsmiley20:

I like the elastic and fishing weight idea.

Wrap a elastic one inch from the end of the beard and pinch a round 1/4 oz lead shot on the elastic behind the beard. :bigsmiley31: