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Groved roads


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I was riding thru Phoenix the other day to go look at a new triplex mower at Toro in Goodyear which meant I had to take I-17, just before I get to it I see a sign saying I-17 rough road I didn't think to much about it tell I got there doing about 65 in heavy traffic well it wasen't rough they had gouged the road getting ready to reasphalt it. Wow I hung on tight for 4.5 miles, these groved roads are like riding on marbles around corners, now why wouldn't they put a sign up saying groved roads? I have new Metzlers and it was still a bear keeping it in my lane and I was a nervous wreck after 4.5 miles, needless to say I took another route home it was about 40 miles out of my way but well worth it in my book. I'm really glad I was by myself without the wife on the back with me. Just beware these roads under construction are a nightmare and could cause a wreck very easily especially in the corners.
I had a similar experience when riding with a buddy. He was behind me and a fairly new rider and when we came upon a section of highway that was grooved for repaving, I didn't think much of it but further down the road, I had to pull over and wait for him for a bit. He slowed to about 20 MPH. I think the slower speed makes it worse.
Its horrible, get it here all the time, we also have had the entire road network dug up over the last few years laying cables for TV, oh they had to use the verges where possible but in the main it was the roads; some time later the repairs have sunk, oh only slightly but just enogh to grip the tyre when you are riding.

I know, don't ride on the them.:yes Another pet hate taking of roads is the manhole covers and inspection covers the metal ones that are generally always in the middle of the road, fine for 4 wheels but they ain't laid well and I will do anything to avoid them, WHAT ABOUT US BIKERS, MR. MANHOLE PLACER????????????>

Ommmmmm, ommmmmm, thats it, off for a lay down, now where did I put those pills that improve the memory.

Here on the Island, our soil is red (iron oxide) and porous resulting in 3 to 5 inches of loose gravel being placed as a temporary surface prior to the actual re-paving.Slow, steady,
and if the gravel is a few miles long, with an occasional prayer usually does the trick!!