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Grimlins In Carb.

:help Friday I took the carb. off a perfectly running 2000 wide glide , 2 days and a trip by 3 bike shops and I still haven't found the answer. It bogs down to point of dieing when I try to give it gas (above 1800 R.P.M.). I can pull enricher 3/4 out and excellerate. It also idles perfectly. I took the carb. apart to find out what kind of upgrade if any it had .(dynojet) I have put the 3 new rubbers on manifold. Had float level checked. Looked for holes and inpropper install. of diaph. Had off about 6 different times to clean jets and fuel paths out for something I might have droped in when I took to shop the first time to wash out in parts cleaner vat. Enricher seems to be seating out. With air filter off slide seems to be opening all the way up when I crank on it, fuel pump squirts out gas when I first roll throttle.Even spent hours reading Glider's kick-ass tips. Begining to think something else beside carb.? I would appreciate any and all ideas or even thoughts at this point . THANKS !!!!:wall
It bogs down to point of dieing when I try to give it gas (above 1800 R.P.M.).

That still sounds like a problem with the diaphragm or the fuel delivery related to that system like the main jet and needle or emulsion tube.
Yes, this last time I had it apart I had a H-D mechanic check float level. and I did remove air screw when I cleaned it the first time, put back first rubber o-ring, flat washer, spring, then adj. needle screw. While I had it running I turned idle / air adj. from 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 turns , made no difference. Put it back on 2 1/4 where I found it. Three times pulled completely apart sprayed carb. cleaner through all ports, jets ,holes to where it would flow out elsewhere. and very lightly blew out with 25lbs. compressed air. And still reading every thing I can find in our tip sections and other sites Glider recomends.
I ran it with breather off and noticed when I opened it up the slider and needle opened and fuel came out, but of coarse one can't tell how much , being sucked in at the speed of light. obviously not enough ?
Is this the order you installed the parts on the idle screw? It sounded like you had done it differently.
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I took air breather off,got a spray bottle with gas, open up throttle, and it took off ,so I guess I not getting fuel through my main jet , emulsion tube ? IS that the circut I need to be looking at ? Someone told me yesterday (I just remembered)to pull bowl off and check my fuel level. guess I"ll go do that right quick. And G-MAN the first time I pulled the idle screw out only the spring and washer came out.
As soon as I cracked the last back side screw gas ran out before the float could unseat the needle. I put 2x6 under jiffy stand so bike was little off level. So if bowl is full what forces gas up the emulsion tube ?
I hate to keep going over this again but it sure sounds like a problem with the slide diaphragm having a tear/hole in it. Check it with a strong light from behind and inspect the entire diaphragm again. Doesn't take much to give you these symptoms.
Just for the heck of it this afternoon I sprayed carb. cleaner on the primary side of intake manifold while it was ideling and it killed it , so I set it on a fast idle and it killed it again. It looks like I didnt install new rubbers correctly. Does anybody know a site where I can find intake manifold install. instructions? No manual yet. 2000 FXDWG