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Gremmlins Electrical!!!!!


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Hi, Buddies, Gremmlins Electrical drain problem for a FLSTS/ci 06.
I have tested all the Tips aka the Electrical hand book.Nuts .
Batterie and Regulator were changed recently!!!
Help :confused:
What the problem brother?can you explain to us more details,maybe you get help from members here.

Check the fuse box and the relays. Corrosion is a problem in this area if it hasn't been protected properly. Had this problem.:cool:
HI Buddies, Sorry for this delay,but i think the Harley gremmlins was going in my computer, so :D !!!!!! Well ,the problem happen when the bike is parking, in my garage of course, between three or four days. All charging system was checked and tested by a qualified mechanic..... The battery is new, regulator idem. I have also scanned the engine with a scan tool , NO ERROR FOUND:confused: ????????? When I started the Bike , just Click, click, click...... :mad: . I have ever seen this problem on a bike before without been successful resolved it. So ,BIG HELP WERE WELCOMING.... THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION
As I stated earlier...check the operational relay, fuse block may have corrosion. I diagnosed this problem myself after numerous attempts at allowing the shop to try and fix it. This relay has been known to go bad and the computer has no ability to catch this evidently. Replace both relays and see if I'm right, (also clean the block and check for corrosion.):D