GREAT STUFF for handlebar vibration

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    About 6 days ago I put up a thread 'installed XL-L bars on XL-C' when I did that, I put some old left over 1/2" drive sockets that fit tight in to the ends of the new handlebars thinking that a little bit of weight might cut down on vibs, after my first ride I didn't see much deference. My first Sporty was a 2000 1200-C the vibs wasn't to bad at lower speeds but I couldn't last 10 miles on the highway, the vibs in the handlebars was terrible. So I got a 06 rubber mount this was a big improvement at highway speeds, but not so much at low speeds. I still had blurring in the mirrors at most speeds.
    Now last Thursday night the clutch side grip came loose, so after I took it off to re-glue it back on, I got to thinking about how a hollow pip will vibrate more when empty then when it's full of water. I had a can of insulating foam sealant 'GREAT STUFF' I got it last year for a door, I got it for $3.98
    So I took off the right grip and pulled the 4 wire clips out and covered up my Bike and put tape over the 4 small holes. Now I just stuck the straw in to one end of the bars and held a rag around it so the foam would not come back out at me. I sprayed the foam in for a bit, then re-sharked the can and kept going until it came out the other side. Then I put the old sockets back in. As it cures it keeps coming out the ends so I had to rush around to cover the floor. I fond out it's very impotent to keep the bars warm for 48 hours. I used a hair dryer to help it cure. This foam is very sticky, it will clean easy from the bars but don't let it get on any plastic or just about anything other then the bars.
    Yesterday here in Michigan it was a bit cool out but I put on 91 miles. All I can say is I'm very happy, for the first time on a Sportster I can see in my mirrors with no blurring at any speed. I still get just a little shaking in the mirrors but I can see clearly at all speeds LOVE IT. I wish I had did the same thing on my solid mount . Would be cool to see how much it would have helped. With internal wiring this could not be done. Would have been a lot easier to do this before I installed the new bars, but I just didn't think of it. I just cant put in to words how much smoother the bars feel now. All I can say is it worked great on my bike.
    So this is my cheep $4 fix for my handlebar vibration ...