Great safety jacket for kids!

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    Hey if you do take your kids on your bike from time to time I found a terrefic textile armored jacket. Have to hand it to you guys in the UK though......I looked everywhere in bike shops in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for a good quality CE armor jacket for my son and could not find one anywhere. I found this one on EBAY and was a little worried about ordering from a company overseas.....only because of the potential hassle with a return if the jacket was not what we wanted. Anyway it came via FEDEX today and it is fantastic (took 3 weeks to arrive though)! Here is a the link to the company websit and the jacket I ordered for my son:

    Motohart (UK) LTD - FABRICS - Kids Warrior Jacket WARRIOR JACKET

    My son is 9.....big for his age so I ordered the 13 year old size and it fits great. Comes with a cold weather liner and has zip vents front and back for summer. The armor is exactly what you would find on a GOOD quality armor jacket for an adult. All for 80 bucks including shipping....from the good 'ol UK!

    You should have seen him try it on!!!!! Had to run and get his helmet and gloves to get the full effect!!!!:s He's a great kid and worth it! I would recommend this jacket and company to anyone that takes a kid on their bike!
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    Looks like a nice quality jacket from what I can see and for 0nly eighty bucks it seems like a good buy. Most importantly, you got him something that's going to protect him.