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Great prices for HD clothes this weekend.


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I noticed that several HD dealerships were having sales on apparel recently. A couple of the Indianapolis stores had sales during the week and then when I went to northeast Ohio this weekend we saw more sales.

My wife picked up a real nice $375 HD leather jacket that was 65 percent off. The cost was just over $130. This one store had a bunch of stuff 65 percent off and 40 percent off. And then they had everything else in the store 20 percent off.

In another store we picked up two rain suits. One was a $200 suit and we got it for $80. This rain suit was half price and then they gave us another 20 percent off. And the other was a $150 suit that we got for $130. Everything but bikes was 20 percent off. The store was busy as hell! You should have seen the line at the parts counter. There were so many people there, I started getting annoyed moving out of the way of others all the time. I could hardly try anything on with all the people in the way.:bigsmiley25:

Watch for sales, it seems to be the time of year for them. In fact another store here in Indy will be having 15 percent off on light jackets, helmets, and rain gear this coming week.