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Greasing wheel bearings


hi all,

Can somebody point me to a good step by step on greasing the wheel bearings on my 94 1200XL? I've got the manual but it leaves a lot to be desired...

1) Buy the "seal removal tool" - it'll save the seal-lip around your wheels from screwdriver damage. get new bearing seals & grease.
2) jack up bike, secure it, remove a wheel.
3) remove bearing seal, remove bearings and spacers. WRITE DOWN OR PHOTOGRAPH where the spacers/bearings go from outside->in.
4) Clean the bearings in solvent - don't spin dry. Clean the races.
5) Get a big glob of axle grease (I use marine bearing grease) and put it in the palm of your "off hand" ( left if you're right handed )
6) grab the bearing, and dip it into the grease, kinda like of you were using a corn-chip to dig up some cheese dip. rotate the bearing, repeat until the grease is fully packed into the space between the inner/outer bearing shell.
7) Smear a little grease on the bearing races.
8) Reinstall the bearings/spacers in the proper sequence!
9) Use a big socket or a piece of PVC pipe as a drift, and TAP the seals into place. They should be about 1/16" below the edge of the bearing lip.
10) reinstall the wheels, making sure that you don't get grease on the brake rotors/pads.
When you "dip" the clean bearing in the new grease it aint no dip. Its more like how you grab a little bit of putty or mortar from a pile with a putty knife or trowel.. You cut a little grease off the pile with your bearing and then apply pressure to the bearing into your palm as you scrape the bearing back toward you away from the pile of grease. this is how you pack a bearing without having one of those now old fashioned bearing packers. Takes about 5 minutes per bearing. Keep working it through the side opeinings down into the race. Turn the bearing around and cover all 360 degrees. Turn the bearing over and do both sides.

Get one of those grease needles that attach to the end of the grease gun hose. Then you can poke it down in the bearings and squirt it right in there!
My Dad does it the same way boabs described and he has been working on vehicles of all sorts for years and years, his and others. he and a friend just rebuilt a harley from the 60s and that was my dad's 10th reatore and rebuild project.