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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by grizmama, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. grizmama

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    I purchased a garmin 660 and was able to wire everything except i can not figure out how to have the radio on and have the gps cut in like the cb does can anyone help please
  2. bootlegger

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    Did you use the Road Tech Nav Interface Module (part 76000024)? I don't have the 660, but I believe that is the only way to connect that will work with the radio. On my Zumo 450 I have to use the Aux port to hear instructions.
  3. wv2wheel

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    I "think" a couple aftermarket sources also offer a way to do this but it isnt cheap....check with J&M as I think they worked up a way to do this and the other one I heard of I will have to dig for the name....CHeck Cyclegadgets
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    This has been confirmed with Garmin, the non-HD branded models will not work with the Navigation Interface Kit. No one is really sure if it is a SW or a HW difference.
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    Does anyone know if the XM portion will work with the harness instead of having to use the aux jack?

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    Just for curiosity, how does the HD/Garmin 550 work as compared with the newer 660 model? I saw one heavily discounted at the dealer the other day. Is the difference the 550 is plain ordinary GPS with some integration with Touring sound system, but the 660 accomodates newer XM, MP3 and IPOD interfaces more seamlessly (I would imagine the radio, CD/Tapeplayer, CB and intercom would be the same)?
  7. wv2wheel

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    I have the oem 550 not HD but the HD version should be much like mine. full xm if you add the xm antenna/module, mp3 ability built in, blue tooth built in...the 660 has a slightly larger screen area and perhaps a nicer bluetooth setup (diff version?) but not sure about that one. I would just go to Garmin's page to compare the two.


    found this on another web site, cant vouch for everything:

    The zūmo 660 has a comprehensive Help tool: the zūmo 550 lacks a Help tool.

    The zūmo 660 can do both 2-D and 3-D (with elevation data): the zūmo 550 is limited to 2-D only.

    The zūmo 660 has Sunrise and Sunset information; the zūmo 550 does not.

    The zūmo 660 has a World Clock and a World Map: the zūmo 550 does not.

    The zūmo 660 Trip Computer information is tailorable: the zūmo 550 ‘Dashboard’ fields were fixed except for the bottom information fields.

    The zūmo 660 has less of a tool hierarchy: more drill-down is needed to find the same or comparative features on the zūmo 550.

    The zūmo 550 supports XM: the zūmo 660 does not.

    The zūmo 550 has three selections under System (GPS, Safe and Garmin Lock): the zūmo 660 has four (GPS Simulator, Usage Mode, Units and Keyboard Layout).

    The zūmo 550 has a good Media Player for playing MP3s, viewing pictures and listening to Audio Books: the zūmo 660 has the same features, but music playlists can now be created or imported.

    The zūmo 550 Bluetooth audio stream was mono: the zūmo 660 features A2DP compatible Bluetooth, so audio from the Media Player is streamed in Stereo.

    The zūmo 550 can create and save up to 50 routes: the zūmo 660 is limited to 20 Custom routes.
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