got the bike out!....but have a problem

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    Ok. So I got the bike out today rode her to work. Got 8 blocks away and the check engine light came on. Didnt have time to mess it with this morning but figured after I got home from work would look into it. ( is only 12 blocks away) So after work started it light, let it idle for 15 min...still no light, Figure I'm good to go. Again get 8 blocks down the road and it comes on again. Get her home and shut her down....Start it right back up light...Edit ? Let it idle for a few light. Now its really starting to get to me. So I take her for a spin...soon as I put her into gear Light came on. Shut her down immediatley. All my previous bikes have been carburated, never dealt with fuel injection. FYI I am running SE 103", Thunderheader Exhaust, with Dynojet Power Commander.Also the bike is originally from Arizona and shipped it to me in South Dakota.
    Any suggestions are welcome as this is my first Harley.

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    Do you have a manual for the bike to check if your getting codes? My bike is a 2000, carbed Fatboy, but I can check for codes by hitting the speedo reset button in a certain sequence, as I recall. Don't know about yours though?
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