Got over 40F. Good enough!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by fireman54, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. fireman54

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    Yep, got around 44F around these parts. :newsmile062: Good enough for about a two hour ride. FXRG jacket, Road warrior overpants, gauntlet gloves and FF helmet and I was good to go. Nice sunny day, tunes crankin' on the stereo. Gotta love it! Don't have many of these type of days coming. Hopefully, there'll be a few more before they salt the roads.
  2. jaceddie

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    40's and I'm good to go too. Too many let them sit when they could be getting out and enjoying their ride.:bigsmiley11:
  3. Davidw2415

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    38 - 40 is usually my min. temp-range as long as the roads are dry and the sun is out with little or no wind but I did ride in the Vet. Day parade a couple of years ago and when I left the house it was 25.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Well the official start of winter is next week, so getting a few rides in while 40F is a good thing IF I lived north of the "Mason Dixon" I definitely would be out like you...enjoy!!
  5. R. Lewis

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    Same here ! Was over 40 and the mrs. & I went out for a 50 mile R.T. today!!! No winter gear - just heavy leather jacket,chaps,couple of long- john shirts and full fingered leather gloves. The wifey did put on her wool face scarf on. Not to bad of a ride - BUT - glad we got home when we did!!! Was gettin kinda cool!!!!!!:D
  6. Fourdogs

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    Momma ask me well ya wanna get some more decorations out are take a ride... was in the upper 40 oh yeah guess what we did lol rode into the city amd rode the River front then over through Illinois and on to Stake n Shake and back home... then put up decorations lol ...:D
  7. cowboywildbill

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    Those are the good day's. I ride even in the 20s, but I bundle up with carhart bib overalls long johns and thinsulate and a nomex hood. It does get cold after a while and feet get cold first. I ride with Wdder electric gloves if needed. But it is real restricting to move in all of that bulk. SO!
    I just bought the Gerbings heated jacket liner and G-5 gloves and thier Extreme heated overpants. They have Ballistic panels and inserts. I like them because I just pull them over my Jeans. I wear a leather jacket or whatever I want on top and it is great. I was out in the 20 degree F temps and wind the other day at 70 mph and I wasn't cold at all. That is except my feet, and once they went numb it was OK, "just kidding" They were really cold and I had on thick boots and cold weather socks, but that wasn't too good for too long. So I just ordered the socks that plug into the pants. I love the gear because everything is lightwieght so I can move easilly. Even the gloves are thin. Everything plugs into each other and it is great. I had to turn the thernostat down because I was too hot. Wow I wish I had this stuff 40 years ago. Now I won't have to wait for those warmer sunny days. I'll just watch out for the sand on the roads and ice, and when that's out there I'll just stay in the garage and find something to do on one the bikes. I always wondered how those guy's could ride in just chaps and leather jackets on those day's, now I know how they do it. Ride safe and enjoy.