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Got my bike


Just wanted to let you all know I got my Fat Bob yesterday. Already put about 80 miles on her, and I'm hooked. Its my first HD, and my first bike. Thought I would have trouble with the fwd controls, but getting used to them no problem, I'll post some pics when I figure out how. She's black denim, and she's better than the picture I've been drooling over for over 2 months now. Anyway, hope to see some of you down the road.
Congratulations! I know that feeling well of having to wait for a new bike.Waited about 6 months for my last bike(Triumph 595 Daytona) & now i'm waiting 4 1/2 months for my Deluxe.

It's amazing how slowly the time passes & then all of sudden it's time to get it.

Watch out for those cars & ride safe.
Congrats danimal. It took me about six weeks to be totally comfortable with the forward controls, but once you do, "normal" controls seem strange. Good luck and ride safe my friend!
I know the feeling. When I got my first bike it was like my first live in girlfriend, I counld't stay off of it!!:D

Big Lou
sweet bike..I like that color too. Well you have now officially changed your life. Nothing is better than riding a Harley..especially your first.
Ride safe
All, thanks for the congrats. Just got back from little cruise up the Mt. Vernon Parkway in VA, across the river, 1st time on the freeway; I'll try to avoid them for now as much as possible, VA/DC/MD drivers aren't known for their friendly driving habits. Temp was chilly, but no complaints from me. Just taking part in the reading after the ride for now. Again, thanks for the words of wisdom and congratulations.