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Got bad case of PMS!

Cold Rider

Yeah.. Parked Motorcycle Syndrome!!! 180+ inches of snow in Northern Maine. This is the first year since I bought my RK that I couldn't get the first ride of the year on the first day of spring. Snow bound riders sound off!! Enough is enough!!
We were scheduled to get about another 10+ inches in Iowa on Friday night but we got luck and it went north. In Milwaukee, was another matter. They got about 15" of snow. Ouch. Go news is it should get into the 40s this week and maybe can get a short ride in if my last couple parts come in.
I can't wait until it warms up! Realistically that is after April 1st - at least.

Then it is time to get more insurance and register my bike for the riding season. It's going to cost me some cash. Basically, it has storage level insurance on it now to save me money.
Oh man I know,It's supposed to snow again tonight.Well it can't go on that much longer (can it?).Hopefully in April I'll get her out.Hang in there brothers.
it was cold 32 on sunday went for a shourt ride wife said i was crazy?the sun was out and as long as i go at a comfitable speed it wasn't bad.

ride safe
Still too cold for me, here in Ontario, just north of Toronto (around 32*) but my brave buddy couldn't wait to go out with his new ride. I'll just keep shining mine in the garage,until the weather gets reasonable. Although, it's getting hard to wait, we've had bad weather since November.