GoPro Ram Harley Mount...Finally!!

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    So Ram Mounts finally has a specific mount for Harley.
    I just received it in the mail and am very pleased with it.
    We leave Tuesday for Sturgis from Connecticut for the 5000 mile loop will post pic/video when I get back.

    The mount puts a 1 inch ball into the mirror socket on the clutch handle for those that have Bat Wing fairing mirrors. The ball also comes with a rubber anti vibration gasket. Combine that with a six inch long double socket arm and 1 inch GoPro ball mount your in business to get GoPro up and over the fairing.

    If you don't have mirrors on the fairing then go with the standard 1 inch ball
    Part links below for you all.

    GoPro 1 inch ball mount
    RAM GoPro Camera Mount

    HD Specific 1 inch ball mount (for HD w/bat wing mounted mirrors - fits most 2008-2013 HD's)
    RAM Mirror Post Base for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

    6 inch double socket arm
    RAM Long Double Socket Arm for 1" Ball Bases. Overall Length: 6"

    Mount for clutch mounted mirrors
    RAM Motorcycle Base with 9mm Hole and 1" Ball

    If you get the newest GoPro with built in WiFi you get a remote with it and can mount it to your tank or fairing with Velcro to remotely take picture and or video at the push of a button.

    I plan to run the larger batteries and can keep on on charge in the tour pack.
    I have an IPad with the camera card reading adapter so video and pics can be cleared off the card regularly. That's a good option to have vs having to buy multiple micro sd cards.
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    Thanks for the posts Mike.
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    Great source of info for a solid mount. Thanks for sharing....
  5. Mike.Salvatore

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    The mount works great in Ohio at this point for the night.
    664.5 miles in about 12 hrs at a nice leisurely pace..



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    Ive used that same mount and never had any issues at all with it. Works like a champ